Mike and Diane bring different but complementary skills and experiences to the consultancy services they provide. Below is an outline of the main activities they undertake for their clients:

Service Excellence
Mike is working in partnership with Chris Daffy, Director of the Academy for Service Excellence, and Tim Ashcroft, Director of the service delivery organisation Innovas, to deliver a culture change into all aspects of the NHS. More…

They have developed the tried and tested, highly respected across business, Customer Service Excellence model to be appropriate for delivering a high standard of patient experience: i.e. for "customer", read "patient". Mike's long experience as a Non-Executive Director on an NHS Hospital Board is driving the adaptation project. He is also providing the strategic marketing necessary to promote this service successfully, in the wake of the Francis Report into the Mid-Staffs Hospital enquiry. Early interest has been shown by several NHS Trust Boards.

For more information, contact Mike.

Marketing & Strategy
Developing a business involves a range of activity, from creating the initial strategy, through marketing to actual sales. Leaving aside semantics, marketing supports business, service and product positioning for long-term profit and sales deals with winning the orders. The activity which should be undertaken in between is often ill-understood, but remains absolutely crucial to successful business growth. More…

Chandler Associates undertakes both the strategy development and the tactical application of business development activity, as well as the bits which fit between them. We work at several levels with our clients; on strategy with them and where appropriate focusing on the interaction with their clients and customers on how to achieve business expansion through increased sales. Overall organisational strategy development plans flow into strategic marketing that informs sales and marketing plans.

Business Development – Management & Support Service
Mike Chandler adopts a creative approach to our business development support service. He specialises in those activities needed to win orders for a business, or a team or unit within a business. There are several ways of transferring this knowledge. More…

For a new or developing situation Mike has, in some instances, become a temporary member of the team, transferring his skills over a period to great effect. Acting as a client’s Business Development Manager in a part-time capacity for a while allows a marketing campaign to be created, planned and implemented to the point that it becomes absorbed into the client’s way of working in a sustainable manner. Adopting a training approach allows the group to become self-sufficient using its own resources. Subsequent mentoring over an extended time may be useful as the team matures and develops its own style. By its very nature the service is bespoke, being a function of and responding to the particular situation for each client.

There are tools that support the project management of business development. However, of equal importance is a clear and deep-seated understanding of the actual dynamics of business development, gained generally through experiencing actual situations.

Business Development – Coaching & Mentoring
Mike also undertakes Coaching and Mentoring, primarily from a Business Development perspective, in situations where clients have expressed a need for retaining his services over a period of time but at a lower level of time commitment. More…

Commencing with a session to develop a dialogue, which allows both parties to understand the key issues, a plan is then created. This provides the blueprint for managing the relationship for the duration of the project to a successful outcome.

Benefits of the above approach
Anyone with a responsibility for managing a business needs to have an understanding of business development. All members of a management team will benefit from a basic knowledge. It is not necessary to be a "salesman" to understand what goes on, indeed it is not necessary to be a "salesman" to be effective at business development. A deep "product" knowledge, some understanding the sales process and working your plans is often just as effective. More…

This methodology commences by assessing the current situation, of how business development is actually being undertaken. Then, working very closely with the management team, we develop a bespoke plan of action to deliver the business improvement required.

Why not call Mike and ask him how he could help you with your Business Development? Contact us

Diane Davy works with individuals to support them to improve their professional and/or personal effectiveness and their work/life balance, through 1-2-1 Mentoring. This is a highly confidential process and can support, for example, a period of change, refreshment or evolution within a business, whatever its size. More…

Even within a business which has its own internal mentoring scheme, there are occasions when an individual will be reluctant to share certain issues internally, which is where Diane can be of particular value. She can work with someone to provide support, within the context of the organisation, but not of it.

An initial no commitment meeting can be held, to explore if this is something which you or a colleague would benefit from . why not contact Diane now.

Professional Development - Business Performance Coaching
"Coaching is about unlocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance"
SIR JOHN WHITMORE - A leading expert on coaching

A KPMG British Business Leadership Survey identified that top business people believed there to be five key attributes for a business leader. Those attributes, in order of perceived value, are:

For any leader, the development of these crucial but somewhat esoteric attributes is obviously of paramount importance. But how does one support their development?

Coaching More…

Coaching is key to enabling such processes, supporting the individual to fulfil their potential. It delivers results in large measure because of the supportive one-to-one relationship between coach and client, with the client developing insights not from the coach, but from within. For coaching to work at its best, the relationship must be one of partnership, in an environment of trust and confidence.

Who is coaching for? More…

Diane Davy provides a completely confidential one-to-one coaching service to chief executives and senior managers from all business environments. This ranges from general support of personal and professional development, through to assisting the individual through a process of change management or major business growth, or to achieve key goals.

Professional Development – Goal Setting for your Business
The most successful people set clear and unequivocal goals and then work to achieve them. The same can be said of thriving companies and organisations. By mirroring that achievement-creating process, anyone, if they set their mind to it, can become equally successful.

So how do you develop the expertise to set realistic and achievable goals? More…

Diane provides a "visioneering" consultancy service, working with individuals or with management teams to facilitate their own focused goal setting and initial implementation. She will also help you to develop a review process to ensure that your progress continues beyond her involvement. We help you to help your own business and professional development.

Why not call Diane and ask her how she could help you to set some achievable, success generating goals for you or a colleague? Contact us

Partnership Working
Examples of our developing partnerships are various, some for clients, others in our community work:

Cross-Sector Engagement
Chandler Associates is becoming more involved in providing services to a niche that spans the Business and Educational worlds. The lack of a common language is part of the barrier to joint progress, despite willingness on both sides for closer engagement. Collaboration has been a facet of our work for some time, and coupling this with the application of our experience and expertise in business and professional development we are finding increasing demand for our ability to create bridges across a divide.

If you have issues or needs in this arena, why not call Diane to discuss them? Contact us

Supporting Good Governance
Chandler Associates has wide experience in Governance matters. Both Mike and Di have served as Non-Executive Board Members or Trustees, primarily in the not-for-profit and charitable sectors. Di also has experience of delivering Board development events and also providing one-to-one support to key people in these sectors. The aim is always to support, develop and strengthen the good Governance of the organisation to ensure that it is sustainable and can weather the challenges that arise in the life of the organisation.

If you have issues or needs in this arena, why not call Diane to discuss them? Contact us

Project Management
Every project undertaken needs a dedicated individual to ensure that the agreed objectives are achieved on time and to budget, and with an appropriate public profile. This involves a complex pattern of processes, and requires a blend of skills and attributes which includes the management of time, people, finances and material resources, and an ability to undertake both high level strategic planning and lower level implementation activities. More…

Diane Davy's working experience has developed these skills across a range of roles, including managing initiatives for The Engineering Council, supporting research activities for MRPRA, and heading the Institution of Mechanical Incorporated Engineers as Chief Executive.

One of Diane's major ongoing consultancy activities is managing projects, often in a Professional Development setting, either for an organisation, or for a network that needs a champion to "make things happen" on their behalf.

Why not call Diane and ask her how she could help you to manage your project? Contact us

Unusual Projects
Occasionally the leaders of an organisation, reflecting on their current situation, think to themselves or say to a colleague "I wish we could test the organisation for this or that", or perhaps "we need someone to make so & so happen", but aren't sure how to make the first steps to achieving it. More…

An outside eye can be so valuable in reviewing, re-affirming the good in what you do, or in challenging the established way of operating. This is particularly so in the not-for-profit sector and in membership organisations or, indeed, in any leanly-run business.

Diane has long experience of listening to what clients want to achieve and then helping them to either review, establish or kick-start their own processes. She can set up a pilot project or test-run a methodology before handing a honed process over to your executives. Small scale projects can be created and seen through to conclusion. How about a mystery shop for your membership services, or the initial scoping of that next step in the organisation's development?

If you have an idea that you'd like to explore without commitment, Diane has the innovative ideas coupled with the ability and the specialist team to make things happen, often by looking at an issue from a different, affordable, perspective. This website has examples of a few case studies from the many, often unusual, successfully completed projects.

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